5 Reasons why reflective clothing might save your life.

Did you think that reflective clothing and luminous patterns are just for parties and festivals? Well, if you thought that, you are wrong.

If you ever wanted to go on the midnight run (ate too many Cheetos) it is important that cars and cyclists can see you.

Love hiking and going on bike trails? Guess what, that hike took way longer than you expected and now its night, your flashlight died, but you have some awesome luminous clothing that is making you visible. 

Here are the 10 best reasons why reflective clothing will save your life!

1. You are at Coachella, or any other amazing music festival, and your group loses you (great friends there). Guess what, those lit leggings will make you easy to spot.

2. You're on your bike at night and the street lights are non existent. Your apparel with make you visible.

3. Mildenhall Police Tweeted, "If you’re walking/cycling, light coloured/reflective clothing & a torch are essential!”

4. You look badass and they may help you live longer because your soul is happy.

5. Construction workers wear reflective vests and they tend to live through that ordeal.

There are other reasons why reflective and luminous clothing is awesome and life saving, but we think you get the point.

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